North Providence Union Free Library Service Policy



In accordance with our mission statement, as a municipal library our primary clientele are North Providence residents of all ages.

As members of the OSL network, we extend borrowing privileges to other Rhode Island residents according to their rules and agreements. We reserve the right to enter into other cooperative arrangements for the good of our primary clientele. We also reserve the right to restrict the use of certain items from time to time based on the fragility of certain items or formats, or other legitimate concerns.

We provide a wide range and scope of services in order to fulfill our mission and objectives of responding to diverse community needs in many formats. To list only a few specifics, we provide information via print, large print, numerous audiovisual formats, on-line electronic databases and downloadable audio books, e books, films, computers for public use, wireless internet connections, meeting, group study, quiet study and conference rooms, museum passes, as well as programs for all ages. We are constantly evaluating and readjusting the mix of those formats in response to the possibilities and best matches presented by new technologies.

The Library cooperates with the town Boards and Commissions as well as community organizations by providing material and reference assistance and other services.

The Library observes the American Library Association policies regarding freedom of access, including the “Library Bill of Rights” and related statements contained in the Intellectual Freedom Manual. It upholds the principles of intellectual freedom, the citizen’s right to information, the right to confidentiality of user’s records, and opposes censorship.

Approved by the North Providence Union Free Library Board of Trustees, January 5, 2006