Museum Passes

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The North Providence Library circulates Museum/Zoo passes to borrowers with a valid OSL card.

These passes allow either discounted or free admission to the following:

  • Roger Williams Park Zoo — Providence, RI
  • The RISD Museum — Providence, RI
  • Mystic Aquarium — Mystic, Connecticut
  • Providence Children’s Museum — Providence, RI

Reservations for the above may be made within 3 weeks of the date you want to borrow the pass, reservations for each pass are limited to 4 times per year, and each family may not make more than one museum pass on the same day.  If for any reason, you are not able to use the pass on the day you reserved it, please notify the Library.

The pass may only be reserved for one day, as each pass is only valid for certain days.  The passes must be returned the day following use BEFORE 10 a.m.  Passes may be picked up at the Circulation Desk and may be returned in the book drop if the library is closed.  However, all passes must be returned in the envelope within the plastic bag in which you received them.

A fine of $5 per day will be charged for any of the overdue passes.  If the pass is not returned before 10 am the day after scheduled use, the first $5 fee will be placed on your card.  The second time you keep a pass overdue, you will lose borrowing privileges for the passes.  Please remember that others are waiting for the pass and will be inconvenienced by your failure to return the item.  The fine for a lost pass will be the replacement cost of the pass.

The number of persons admitted with the membership pass varies.  Information on the limits of each card as well as directions, times open, etc. is available upon request at the Circulation Desk.  When planning a visit, especially to a far away site or to see if the passes are valid for special displays that the site may be hosting, calling ahead for up-to-date information is strongly advised.  We are not responsible if the hours have been changed or if the passes are not good for special displays.


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